Cold - Air conditioning - Heating

Often, the priority for boaters is to have a working refrigerator on board, to have fresh water and ice cubes or a working air conditioning for larger units. Wrongly, as in many other areas, they try to adapt household or camping equipment to the boat and are surprised that it does not work and sometimes jeopardize the safety of the ship.

We can help you fix it all :

Installation, Renovation or Troubleshooting

- Refrigeration (fridge)

- Freezer

- Air conditioning and/or heating (Chilled water plant, Split system or monobloc)

- Ice machine

- Wine cellar

We can offer you maintenance contracts for :

- Cold groups

- Air conditioning systems: This type of equipment on board requires regular maintenance: Filtration of treated air Filtration of water and seawater exchangers Diagnostics of operation

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