Creation, renovation/repairs of any electrical operation on a boat.

Mastering your electrical installation on board is necessary for comfort but above all essential for everyone's safety. How to produce electricity on a boat, manage it and store it, knowing that we use, in turn, 12 or 24V. Our goal is to help you optimize this energy according to the electrical layout of the boat and its navigation program.

Electrical panels, personalized study, achievements and installations.

- Liquid electrolyte, gel, AGM, sealed batteries,…

- Charger, battery monitor, various alarms, alternator booster

  Lighting, spotlights, indoor and outdoor LEDs.

Electric motors.

- Internal or external bow thrusters

- Electric winches

- Windlasses


- Mast electrification

- Lightings

- Electronic

 Electricity generation.

- Solar

- Wind

- Hydrogenerator, which provides a definitive solution to the energy concerns of cruising. Much more efficient than the wind turbine or solar panels, it covers 100% of your sailboat's needs from 5 knots.

 Comfort on board.

- Water heater, fridge, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine,…

- Generator

- Sound

- Television

Electric motorization of a sailboat rear shelf.

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